Before Ann moved into the SRO, she was homeless and very ill.  In fact, she was in danger of losing her foot due to untreated diabetes; and more importantly, she was only given a few months to live.  She began to engage in our supportive services programs and improved her medical adherence by regularly attending doctor appointments and taking her medication appropriately.  After living at Samaritan House for 18 months, Ann was healthier, her outlook on life had improved, and her foot was saved.  Ann was still largely dependent on a wheelchair to go from place to place; however, from time-to-time, Ann could be seen walking around Samaritan House – something that she never thought she would do again.

In 2011, Roger was diagnosed with HIV.  At the time, he was homeless and found himself moving into Samaritan House’s SRO.  During his stay in the SRO, Roger participated in many of Samaritan House’s supportive services.  One of the most beneficial programs for Roger was our Nutrition Services where he learned about healthy eating and the importance of exercise.  As a result, he lost a significant amount of weight, experienced increase health, and improved his emotional well-being.  With a renewed outlook, Roger started to attend classes to become a physical trainer and recently obtained his certification.  Roger also volunteered to facilitate an exercise class for the residents of Samaritan House.  The exercise class was so popular that it expanded from one class a week to one a day.  Roger’s self-esteem and self-sufficiency has soared, and he moved into more independent housing at The Villages at Samaritan House where he continues to excel.